The COMESA Adjustment Facility (CAF) is a special facility of The COMESA Fund which was adopted in 2002, with the objective of providing adjustment support to implement regional integration and trade related programmes within the nineteen (19) Member States. It was operationalized with the European Union (EU) resources in 2007, through the Regional Integration Support Mechanism (RISM). The total resources envelope of The CAF is €111 million. Contributions to the Fund have been made by sixteen (16) Member states of The CAF. From the € 82.4 million approved for these members, 80% of the current CAF/RISM envelop has been disbursed.


  1. The overall responsibility for managing the CAF lies with the Ministerial Committee;
  2. The Ministerial Committee shall delegate technical aspects of the oversight of the management of the CAF and the implementation of its policies to the COMESA Fund Technical Committee;
  3. The Technical Committee shall evaluate applications by Member States and forward a proposal for a Decision to the Ministerial Committee. Other members, such as representatives of cooperating partners or professionals may be co-opted;
  4. The Ministerial Committee and Technical Committee shall be technically and administratively responsible for the Management of the CAF and will be supported by the COMESA Secretariat.