A member of COMESA and ACP;

  • A COMESA Fund Member by signature and ratification of the COMESA Fund Protocol;
  • Made its assessed contribution of COM$90,000 to the Fund in 2011;
  • Total amount approved for disbursement under RISM is € 1,692,553;
  • COMESA Fund Coordinating Ministry is Ministry of Finance, Budget, Economy and Domestic Trade.

Background Information
Comoros has directed its support under the RISM programme towards improving the efficiency of customs operations and improving the coordination and implementation of COMESA regional programmes. It is hoped that the project will bring about economic development in Comoros through enhanced participation in regional integration.

Regional Integration Commitments and Targets
As part of its regional commitments, Comoros targeted by 2016 to:

  • ensure the continuous operationalization of its National Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee,
  • eliminate at least 70% of NTB’s reported against the country,
  • harmonize its domestic standards to the international standards,
  • adopt the COMESA Common Tariff Nomenclature (CTN),
  • adopt the COMESA Customs Management Regulation (CMR),
  • finalize its trade in Services schedules in the first four priority sectors,
  • sign and ratify the COMESA Common Investment Area (CCIA) Agreement,
  • implement Provisions of the Protocol on gradual relaxation and eventual elimination of Visa requirements, and
  • have Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) negotiated, signed and ratified among COMESA Member States.