A member of COMESA and ACP;

  • A COMESA Fund Member by signature and ratification of the COMESA Fund Protocol;
  • Is yet to make its assessed contribution of COM$610,000 to the Fund;
  • Total amount approved for disbursement under RISM – €2,524,347; and
  • COMESA Fund Coordinating Ministry –Ministry of Finance.

Background Information
The support provided to Sudan will assist in strengthening the capacity of various government institutions to implement and monitor COMESA commitments which include the CTN, CCIA, Competition Regulations and Trade in Services; Increased visibility of COMESA programmes and Institutions such as Clearing House, PTA Bank, LLPI, RIA; enhance the participation of the private sector in regional integration agenda; develop a National Trade Expansion Strategy; enhance performance of the Livestock Sector through compliance and conformity to the food safety certification; and enhance the performance of the export sector with a focus on cement, plastic products and soft drinks through the enactment of special economic Zones.

Regional Integration Commitments and Targets
As part of its regional commitments, Sudan has targeted by 2016 to:

  • ensure the continuous operationalization of its National Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee,
  • eliminate at least 70% of NTB’s reported against the country,
  • establish a Simplified Trade Regime with Ethiopia,
  • finalise its trade in Services schedules in the three additional sectors,
  • implement provisions of the protocol on gradual relaxation and eventual elimination of visa requirements,
  • sign and ratify the COMESA Common Investment Area (CCIA) Agreement and Sign a Double Taxation Agreement.