A member of COMESA and ACP;

  • A COMESA Fund Member by signature and ratification of the COMESA Fund Protocol;
  • Made its assessed contribution of COM$300,000 to the Fund in 2013;
  • Total amount approved for disbursement under RISM – € 1 832 801;
  • COMESA Fund Coordinating Ministry –Ministry of Finance.

Background Information
Swaziland had directed its support under the RISM programme towards implementation of the ASYCUDA World programme. The project is being implemented by UNCTAD on behalf of the government of Swaziland and aims to increase operational capacity through the introduction of modern integrated computerized ICT system consistent with international standards and best practice. This system went live at all stations on 1st February 2016.

A  second project for Swaziland, the Regional Integration  Implementation Support Project, aims to contribute to improved capacity of national institutions, especially trade related institutions, on trade policy issues; and improve support to SMME’s and exporters that will lead to expanded exports into the region and  international markets.

Regional Integration Commitments and Targets
As part of its regional commitments, Swaziland, has targeted by 2016 to:

  • continue the operationalization of its NIMCC,
  • to resolve at least 70% of its NTBs, adopt COMESA/and or EAC harmonised standards,
  • finalise its trade in Services schedules (TIS-schedule),
  • adopt and domesticate the COMESA Competition Regulations (CCR),
  • sign and ratify the COMESA Common Investment Area Agreements (CCIA),
  • implement the Harmonised Road Traffic Charges (HRTC),
  • legislate or domestic the harmonised axle load limits (ALL),
  • implement the COMESA yellow card,
  • adopt and recognize the COMESA carrier license (CCL), and
  • legislate and implement the Harmonized Vehicle Dimensions (HVD).