A member of COMESA and ACP;

  • A COMESA Fund Member by signature and ratification of the COMESA Fund Protocol;
  • Made its assessed contribution of COM$1,150,000 to the Fund by 2012;
  • Total amount approved for disbursement under RISM is € 4,234,309; and
  • COMESA Fund Coordinating Ministry is Ministry of Finance.

Background Information
Zimbabwe’s support under RISM has been programmed to contribute to the achievement of deeper regional integration and the transformation of selected strategic sectors of the economy in order to realize the country’s full export potential. Selected sectors such as the cotton and leather industries will be reinforced for improved value addition to create an enabling environment for trade which is key for economic prosperity. Further, Zimbabwe is also committed to improving the capacity to implement and monitor commitments under the COMESA regional integration at the national level.

Regional Integration Commitments and Targets
As part of its regional commitments, Zimbabwe has targeted by 2016 to:

  • continue operationalization of its NIMCC,
  • eliminate at least 70% of its NTB’s,
  • adopt harmonized standards,
  • establish trade information desks under the Simplified Trade Regime,
  • domesticate the CMR,
  • finalize its trade in Services schedules in the three additional sectors,
  • adopt the COMESA Competition Regulations,
  • sign and ratify the CCIA and implement Double Taxation Agreement.