I.  Regional Integration Implementation Programme (RIIP)

  • Preparation of the guidelines in consultation with EU, this includes calculation of indicative ANA
  • Preparation and Submission of responses (RIIPs or PMRs)

Call for Submissions

  • Publication of the Call for Submissions are sent under cover letter to Member States and published on the COMESA website;
  • Country prepares submission i.e. RIIP or PMR within a period of 3 months. During this period Secretariat provides technical support such as regional workshop, missions/national workshops and national consultants to assist countries in preparations;
  • Member States submissions sent to Secretariat at end of 3 months period.

Review and Assessment of Submissions made by Member States

  • Following deadline of submissions, the submissions are reviewed and assessed over a two month period. This includes review of submissions and validation of documents by the relevant COMESA Divisions, EAC Secretariat and the national EU delegations. This also includes holding of a retreat at Secretariat level to validate and finalize the assessment report.
  • Consideration and approval of submissions: this includes holding of the RISM Management Committee (RMC), Technical Committee of the COMESA Fund (TCCF), and the Ministerial Committee of the COMESA Fund (MCF) which makes the final decision.

Approval of Submissions (RMC, TCCF and MCF)

Once the submissions are approved, disbursement of resources is done in line with the modalities of support as follows:

    • For BUDGET SUPPORT countries disbursements are done as follows:
      • Submission of request for payment to EU for budget support countries
      • Disbursement of funds by EU to Secretariat
      • Signature of Grant Agreement/Addenda
      • Disbursement of funds from Secretariat to Member States
    • For PROJECT SUPPORT countries, disbursements are done in line with the project agreements conditions. The projects have their own cycle as outlined in the project cycle management.