Policy Framework

Air transport liberalization is undertaken in accordance with COMESA legal notice No.2 of 1999, which is the legal instrument providing for liberalization of air transport services in accordance with Implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision (YD) on Air Transport Liberalization. This is in line with the provisions of Article 87 of the COMESA Treaty.

Programme Description

Legal notice No. 2 provides for a phased approach for implementing air transport liberalization. It includes phase one and two which introduces free movement of inter-COMESA air cargo and non-scheduled passenger services and intra-COMESA scheduled passenger services and; adoption of multiple designation and elimination of capacity restrictions. It also provides for the conditions of granting freedom rights to COMESA air carriers.

Under RISM, the achievement of the indicator requires each Member State to issue a legal instrument or national policy domesticating Legal Notice No.2 or through the establishment of BASAs or both to implement the legal notice or its provisions as the basis for granting airspace freedoms (5th Freedom or better) to COMESA air carriers.

Performance Assessment

A target of at least 13 countries to implement legal notice No. 2 was set at the beginning of the programme, to date *** countries have achieved the indicator.