Policy Framework

Harmonised Vehicle dimensions are agreed vehicle dimensions in terms of height, width and length of vehicles. The implementation of the HVD is grounded in Article 85 (j) of the Treaty which calls for the adoption and development of regulations and programmes including for vehicle dimensions used for vehicles in inter-state trunk roads. To this effect, the following COMESA maximum vehicle dimensions have been adopted;


Rigid chassis single vehicle trailer…………12.5 m

Articulated vehicle………….17.0 m

Truck and draw bar trailer…………22.0 m

Articulated vehicle with articulated or inter-link trailer……….22.0 m

Width………2.65 m

Programme Description

The HVD plays a critical role in facilitating the movement of cross border traffic to reduce the cost of maintenance works on infrastructure. In some countries, full implementation is subject to the adjustment of physical infrastructure to accommodate the agreed limits. Under RISM, Member States are required to legislate the COMESA instrument as the basis for implementation. The legislation should include compliance by trucks at importation or fabrication at country level.

Performance Assessment

A target of at least 9 countries to implement the axle load limit was set at the beginning of the programme, to date *** countries have achieved the indicator.