Policy Framework

The implementation of the Harmonized Road Transport Charges (HRTC) is grounded on Article 85 (h) of the Treaty which calls for the adoption and development of regulations and programmes that facilitate transit trade within COMESA. The Council of Ministers in 1994 adopted standardized harmonized charges for implementation across the COMESA region.

Programme Description

The HRTC is implemented to facilitate the smooth movement of intra-regional transport through harmonizing the charging of transit vehicles consequently removing multiple individual charges that exist in different countries. It also takes into consideration the need to maintain road infrastructure and transit facilities in good conditions across countries. The harmonized charges are based on size of vehicle and distance moved. Vehicles can be classified in three groups: light, medium and heavy. The charges per 100km of distance travelled are as follows:

  • Buses —-US$5
  • Less than 3-Axle Vehicles—US$6
  • Greater than 3-Axle Vehicles —US $10

To achieve the indicator under the RISM programme, a Member State domesticates or legislate the HRTC instrument through appropriate national legislation processes and on that basis enforces the harmonized charges.

Performance Assessment

A target of at least 9 countries to implement the HRTC was set at the beginning of the programme and to date, *** countries have achieved the indicator.