Policy Framework

The COMESA Treaty, in Chapter 3, provides for Member States to plan and direct their efforts towards the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty for the achievement of the aims of the Common Market. Chapter 32 also provides for monitoring and implementation arrangements that give the member States the responsibility to put in place a comprehensive and measurable programme with clear implementation targets. The programmes emanating from the Treaty provisions, are implemented by various sectoral ministries and institutions and as per Article 5, each member State designates a Ministry who is the focal point of communicating with the COMESA Secretary General. Noting the complexities involved in coordinating national implementation and monitoring accros institutions, the Council of Ministers in 2010 called for Member States to establish National Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committees (NIMCC’s) to contribute towards improved coordination and implementation of all programmes, directives and policies arising at the regional level.

Programme Description

The NIMCC activities aim to improve the streamlining of regional programmes at national level, reduce duplication of efforts among national institutions and enhance effectiveness of programme implementation and monitoring.

In the RISM context, the requirement was to set up and constitute an NIMCC or identify/nominate an existing equivalent national structure; and continue operations of the committee.  Other activities include coordination, studies, development or review of policies, strategies and other similar instruments; and sensitization and capacity building activities.

Performance Assessment

A target of at least 9 countries to operationalise the NIMCC or its equivalent was set at the beginning of the programme, to date *** countries have achieved the indicator.