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With 6 years of International Organisation Development experience in Project Management international practices, Mrs Chewe Mfula-Ngoma who holds a B.A. in Economics and Development Studies, has in-depth knowledge and understanding of economic theory, methodologies, economic relationships and econometric modeling.

Mrs Mfula-Ngoma, assist the COMAid team in Project planning and management of 16 Member States programme. She is in charge of tracking the enactment of regional commitments such as the implementation of the Customs Union, the elimination of NTBs, the Standards, the common competition policies, the common investment area agreement and other trade facilitation instruments.

Chewe Mfula-Ngoma provides technical support to Member States, she compiles and review Member States country specific data such as trade policies and national development plans so as to establish baselines and gap analysis that help determine the type of support required. She supports the development of project documents and produce technical papers, on progress at the overall regional level.