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Mwiinga G. Mwiinga

With 6 years of International Development Organizations practices experience in Project Management, Mr Mwiinga Mwiinga, who holds a Masters of Commerce in Development Finance  and a Bachelor  in Economics is a Development Finance professional versed in project management, trade policy analysis and risk management (quantitative and qualitative).

Highly skilled in managing developmental projects in developing countries with relevant experience gained in DR Congo, Djibouti, Seychelles, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Mr Mwiinga Mwiinga  assist the COMAid team with his experience working for private sector development and capacity development sectors as well as financial and procurement procedures including the European Development Fund (EDF).

 Mwiinga Mwiinga  is in charge of providing technical support in project management. This means  project identification, formulation, implementation and monitoring to Member States such as D.R Congo, Malawi, Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe in project areas such as Private sector development, transport facilitation and regional trade development, policy analysis of trade facilitation programmes.

Mr Mwiinga Mwiinga provides capacity building to individual Member States in formulating trade implementation programmes, development and updating of result based monitoring mechanisms at Member State level. He supports the budgeting process of individual Member States projects, by ensuring adherence to financial and procurement rules and procedures under the practical guide (PRAG) to European Union Development financing. He supports resource mobilization efforts of the Unit including developing a sustainability strategy and organizing stakeholder inputs.